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We Know Digital

We are experts in digital content and technology: whether your first great app or your next VR wonder. We can handle most, if not all, of the legal services you need for your venture.

You Need Legal

You need quick, affordable, and straightforward legal services, whether you know it or not.  Let us help protect you and your creations with counsel for every situation.


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Phil is the managing member of Philip F Weiss PLLC. Phil started at a boutique firm representing startups and commercial producers. His expertise is primarily in contract negotiations, intellectual property, and corporate matters. Phil has negotiated thousands of deals of all types, including startup financing, entertainment deals, commercial contracts, leases, and employment matters. He is also an experienced trademark and copyright attorney, in case you need a filing.

In his spare time, Phil is an amateur web developer, gamer, and DJ. He is also founder of the international organization Legal Hackers.


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Corporate Transactions

Pay a one-time fee for an entire transaction. We handle:

  • Seed investments

  • Commercial & independent media productions

  • LLC/Founders Agreements

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Contract Review of All Sorts

Unlimited legal counsel at a fixed monthly fee if you have a steady volume of work for attorney review:

  • Client & supplier contracts

  • Staff & employment matters

  • Promotions terms & conditions

  • Influencer, artist, and event contracts


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IP & Legal Filings

Quick turnaround on straightforward intellectual-property and filing services, like: 

  • Incorporation

  • Copyright/Trademark

  • Securities filings