You need legal without surprises.


And we hear you. If you're about to start work on a production or transaction, we can work with you on a fixed fee that pays for the entire project, start to finish.  We have two great options for you:


Fixed-fee Transactional

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We'll work through an entire transaction not listed on our Flat-Fee Services page for a one-time fixed fee.  This way, you can budget for legal process when you're raising a round of investment or producing an independent film.

This billing model is best for longer, more complex deals that require layers of legal services. A seed investment, for instance, potentially requires negotiating/drafting investment documents, securities filings, and due diligence.  We're happy to do ALL of this for a one-time fixed fee.


Starting at $1000/mo

Do you have a steady flow of legal work? This is your best option.  For $1000 per month you get first-in-line, unlimited legal services.  This includes any services available under our Fixed-fee Transactional (above) or Flat-Fee Services pricing.

To ensure the price is fair, we'll record our time on your projects and  let you know if we need to increase or decrease your retainer level every calendar quarter, based on a $250/hr billable rate.

Interested in exploring a fixed-fee transaction or retainer? Let's talk.